Newcastle Grammar

School Alumni

Newcastle Grammar School Alumni

About NOGA

With a current membership of approximately 2000, NOGA (Newcastle Grammarians' Association) collectively identifies ex-students of the School.

NOGA Members Are:

  • Invited to Reunions at the School.
  • Kept informed on School matters via the publication and bi-annual distribution of the Spectemur Agendo, which is mailed in April/May and October/November each year.
How Do I Join?

Become a Lifetime Member for $110

Simply print out the membership form below, fill it in, and return it with your payment for life membership to the address provided.

This payment will ensure that you receive copies of the Spectemur Agendo, and invitations to Ex-Students' Dinners and Reunions.

How Can I Help NOGA?

Join the 'Newcastle Grammar School' group on Facebook and posting news. All NOGA events will be posted to this group along with recent news about the School.

Send news of ex-students – either of yourself, or of others. Details of careers, travels, marriage/engagements, births of children, achievements, etc. are always welcome.

Ensure that your own address and contact numbers are up-to-date, and providing details of ex-students not currently on NOGA's register.

Allow us to use photographs of your time at School (photographs will be returned after use).

Send any memorabilia of your School days, such as old uniform items, text books, merit certificates, trophies etc. for our archives.

Respond to NOGA invitations, and by attending special events in the life of the School (Speech Night, Founders' Day, Open Days and Friday Fun Fair etc.).

Network amongst yourselves, in particular year groups, to encourage all of the above.


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