Academic Performance

Results at NGS

Academic Performance Results at NGS

The achievements of NGS students in external examinations & competitions have gained the School an enviable reputation for academic performance.


Position in State


ATAR Results

24% over 95

40% over 90

65% over 85

Mean ATAR was 88.5

All Rounders

Emily Elvish

Alexander Ferch

Grace Papworth

Emma Reid

Margot Roberts

Azeem Travadi

Lucinda Watt

State Top Achievers

Emily Elvish in History Extension

Emily Elvish in Business Studies

Emma Reid in Geography

Acacia Ozturk in Mathematics (2 unit)

Alexander Oakley in Music 1

Hamish Young in Music 1

Ella McConnochie in Visual Arts

Full Marks in Courses

Nicholas McGrath in Mathematics Extension 1

Acacia Ozturk in Mathematics (2 unit)

Yuchan Park in Music Extension

Galatea Kneath in Music Extension

Nominations for Practical Subjects

SHAPE : Oliver Ashton, Nick Tonks, Sarah Dykes, Shelby Walters and Kate Hackett

OnStage: Lili Farragher-Hoey

Encore: Lili Farragher-Hoey, Eoin Brown, Alexander Oakley, Galatea Kneath, Yuchan Park and Hamish Young

Art Express: Ella McConnochie 

Lake Macquarie First Class: Ella McConnochie, Kate Hackett, Alexandria Geerarts and Emerson Lees


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