Supporting Athlete Performance programme

Supporting Athlete Performance programme

Supporting Athlete Performance programme (SAP) was founded in 2020 to help athletes who were negatively impacted academically because they were achieving athletically. Since its foundation, our athletes have continued to grow, develop and raise the bar with their achievements. To continue to create outstanding opportunities and exciting futures for our students, we have further developed our SAP programme for 2023. We have created a unique system that monitors and tracks our athletes over time whilst providing resources, support and development opportunities. Our ATHLETE 360 tracking system is supported by a criteria that identifies athletes holistically.

It targets areas that focus on student wellbeing, assisting with monitoring their performance and upskilling for the future. Our programme, combined with the ATHLETE 360 tracking system, provides an outstanding opportunity for NGS athletes and creates the foundations to help them become world's best.

We are proud to bring this exceptional and quality opportunity to NGS students, to not only become great athletes but also great people. SAP is for selected athletes in Secondary, who meet the NGS Sporting Framework that has been aligned with the Australian Institute of Sport FTEM model.

For more information on the Supporting Athlete Performance programme (SAP) download the below brochure:

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