Solid foundations

for a bright future

Solid foundations for a bright future


Pre-school Policy 

Pre-school Prospectus

In accordance with Newcastle Grammar School, the Pre-school’s vision is to be a leading Australian Early Childhood service in the pursuit of best practice in all that we do.

Newcastle Grammar Pre-school promotes the value of childhood as a time for children to discover who they are and how they fit into their world. Essential to this is the freedom to explore, experiment, create, discover, connect, contribute and communicate in a safe, fun and challenging environment.


Newcastle Grammar School Pre-school aims to provide children with opportunities to thrive through guidance, relationships and resources maximising every child’s unique potential and preparing them for kindergarten. This will be achieved through an inclusive and respectful curriculum consistent with the Newcastle Grammar School’s values.

Our Philosophy

We value children and childhood by:

  • Providing a learning environment for children to engage in meaningful play, which is intriguing; aesthetically pleasing; and invites and encourages children’s curiosity, imagination, confidence and independence.
  • Creating a supportive learning environment (including specialist “school” lessons such as music and library) where the routines and curriculum provide a balance between structure and flexibility, facilitating a smooth transition to the school environment.
  • Providing an educational program which fosters and recognises individual interests and development.
  • Providing opportunities for children to be empowered; to embrace and respect diversity and individuality.
  • Providing a curriculum which is responsive to children’s needs, strengths and interests and incorporates both inquiry based and intentional teaching experiences.
  • Providing a sense of belonging and comfort in a nurturing environment where each child’s health, safety and wellbeing is paramount.

We value families and community by:

  • Working in collaboration to provide the optimum care and education of children.
  • Providing opportunities for families to exchange information relevant to the care and education of their child.
  • Providing support for families which encompasses and acknowledges respect for their values, beliefs and child-rearing practices.
  • Providing access to specialist services including psychologists, speech therapists, occupational therapists, learning support, vision screening and other community agencies.
  • Providing opportunities to collaborate in the development and review of the services philosophy, program, policies, procedures and practices.
  • Providing opportunities for families to access and respond to their child’s developmental records, portfolios and school readiness reports.

We value Educators and Staff by:

  • Respecting their professional skills knowledge and experience.
  • Supporting and respecting their diverse values, beliefs and professional practices.
  • Providing support and opportunities to further develop and enhance skills and knowledge through professional development activities.
  • Engaging in open and honest interactions between all members of staff based on transparency and consultation.

The Newcastle Grammar School Pre-school’s Mission and Philosophy complement and reflect The Early Years Learning Framework for Australia.


To a caring community that values each child and helps individual growth in a supportive educational environment.


Part of a school environment that embraces individuality whilst being mindful of the diverse backgrounds and values in our community.


A best Practice Early Childhood Service that recognises the importance of the year before school.

National Assessment

Following National Assessment and Rating Process, our Pre-school has been rated as exceeding National Quality Standards.

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