Experience and Learn

in Newcastle

Experience and Learn in Newcastle

Newcastle Grammar School accepts students at the following stages and under the living arrangements listed below:

Year 7-8 Students should live in Newcastle with a parent or close relative.
Year 9-12 Students may live in a homestay or with a parent. An older sibling is not a suitable guardian. Any homestay will be arranged by an agent recommended by the School and be inspected by the School – see the Newcastle Grammar School’s policy on student accommodation for further details.

Please view the International Students Handbook for more information.

International Handbook
Step 1 Complete the Enquiry Form
Step 2 Complete an English Proficiency Exam (16 years or older) IELTS or the Australian Education Assessment Services AEAS (16 years or younger)
Step 3 Complete the Application Form with payment of the Application Fee ($250 AUD – non-refundable)
Step 4 Confirmation of your enrolment will be formally sent


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