Experience and Learn

in Newcastle

Experience and Learn in Newcastle

Newcastle Grammar School Limited* accepts students at the following stages and under the living arrangements listed below:

Years 7-12

Students should live in Newcastle with a parent or close relative.

*Please note - Secondary Education (Years 7 to 12) is only offered for students on a Subclass 500.

Please view the International Students Handbook for more information.

International Handbook
Step 1 Complete the Enquiry Form
Step 2

Complete an English Proficiency Exam (16 years or older) IELTS or the Australian Education Assessment Services AEAS (16 years or younger). Minimum standard for entry is 7.0 ILETS or equivalent

Step 3 Complete the Application Form with payment of the Application Fee (non-refundable)
Step 4 Confirmation of your enrolment will be formally sent


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