2020 New Sporting Programme

13 Jan 2020

NGS has launched a new Sporting Framework to ensure students from Kindergarten to Year 12 have the opportunity to participate and excel in sport to whatever level best suits them.

The Framework, which is being introduced this year, goes hand-in-hand with a new Supporting Athlete Performance programme to mentor and support the most talented, elite athletes.

Director of Sport Mr Daniel Kozey explained that the Sporting Framework aims to help students achieve three key outcomes:

•    Active lifestyle

•    Sport participation

•    Sport excellence

The Framework is known as FTEM (Foundation, Talent, Elite, Mastery) and outlines each step on the sporting development pathway, from Foundation skills such as fundamental movement skills right though to Mastery levels, in which an athlete achieves sustained sporting success.

“It categorises the features a sportsperson has within each step on the pathway, so it is clear how to progress to the next level,” Mr Kozey said.

For those students who do reach high levels of achievement in any sporting field, the Supporting Athlete Performance programme will ensure they receive the enhanced support they need to pursue success.

“It will be a dynamic support network, which can be shaped to suit the individual athlete,” Mr Kozey said.

“We are trying to bridge the gap to provide any support the students need – whether that is athletically or academically. For example, many gifted athletes spend a lot of time training, so they may need additional support with their academic work,” he said.