Let Children Get Bored Again...

12 Feb 2019

This article in the New York Times last weekend caught my eye and put a smile on my face. Let Children Get Bored Again immediately reminded me of the times in my childhood – well before the age of instant entertainment – that there were certainly times of boredom. The “I’m bored” comment in my family was usually met with ‘well get going and do something’ and until I read the article last weekend, I had never thought of this as a positive or those times when I was bored. But of course it is right – all those times that children are bored certainly leads to self-reliance and creative thought. Then I thought about the instances today where boredom is now met instantly with a game on a device or a movie- even in the back seat of a car on a trip. Perhaps it is time to rethink and not solve the boredom moment too quickly.