Pre-school Partnership

16 Sep 2020

NGS has made the decision to close the Newcastle Grammar School Pre-School at the end of the 2020 year. As you are aware, we are committed at NGS to providing high quality education in a stimulating learning environment and Stage 1 of the School’s Masterplan will redevelop Park Campus to achieve this. 

The closure of the Pre-school is necessary to allow the School to undertake its revitalisation project. The proposed revitalisation of Park Campus will see the existing physical spaces replaced with facilities designed to meet the demands of a dynamic education programme for current and future students and we want you to continue to connect and be part of this exciting future.

While a Pre-school service will not operate from 2021, a partnership has been developed

with East End Early Education and Pre-school ( Bolton Street, Newcastle. We have built a partnership with this organisation who, we believe, will offer your children quality early learning education in a safe and caring environment.

The benefits of the partnership include:

  • The NGS School Readiness Programme: Four-year-old students at East End will complete an educational programme designed to transition them to school. This programme will be called the NGS School Readiness Programme, designed by NGS and include visits Park Campus throughout the year.
  • State-of-the-art facilities.
  • Longer operational hours – 7.00am – 6.00pm.
  • All meals are included by the in-house chef.
  • Parents get access to free parking and van transport in the CBD with in a 3km radius.
  • School holiday operations – 50 weeks per year.
  • A fee structure that enables the opportunity for the Child Care Subsidy for eligible families.

With COVID regulations still in place here is a virtual tour of the East End Early Education and Preschool facility

The Director and Co-owner of East End Early Education and Pre-school, Tonya Franks is a passionate Early Childhood teacher who has owned and operated children services for the past 23 years and worked in the industry for 30 years. East End Early Education is a brand-new service that was opened 12 months ago and designed to deliver an education and care service that excels in enriching children lives and their love for learning.

Tonya believes “that working in partnership with families achieves the best outcomes for children as it ensures that experiences are meaningful to them. Of most value to us is a collaborative approach where we communicate and work together in a respectful way to achieve the best possible outcomes for your child prior to starting kindergarten at Newcastle Grammar School”.


Transition from NGS Pre-school to East End Early Education and Preschool

We recently hosted a webinar on Thursday, 17 September at 7.00pm, where we discuss the transition, the choice of centre in more detail and answer your questions. East End would like to ensure there are familiar faces at their centre for you and your child. Both NGS and East End are working together with the NGS Pre-school staff to assist in finding future employment as part of this partnership.

Link to webinar:


How to enrol (current and 2021 families)

A parent handbook has been sent to your address. Your place is guaranteed if you wish. Please let us know if you haven’t received an enrolment pack by Wednesday, 16 September 2020. We have requested that you complete the form sent via email and let us know your preference so we can make to transition as smooth as possible for you.

Steps to enrol

  1. Fill out the enrolment form and email to hand deliver.
  2. Private tours are available, please contact Tonya on (02) 49253349 or (02) 49253298.


How to enrol (2022 and beyond families)

For those who have paid the NGS Pre School Application Fee of $150 and the Entry Fee of $750 we will offer you a full refund at this point or the choice of rolling these fees into the NGS Kindergarten enrolment fees for 2022/2023.

Steps to enrol

  1. Go to website and complete the wait list form ( and press submit.
  2. The service will then contact the parents to organise a centre tour or Zoom meeting.

We will continue to communicate with families at each stage of this transition and look forward to our partnership with East End Early Education and Pre-school.