THE HSC – an asset to NSW

23 Dec 2020

Having often supported the argument in the title – “the HSC is a glittering asset and we must protect it”, it was great to see Tom Alegounarias argue this case last week. He argues that the power and prestige in the HSC comes from the “same clear and objective expectations that apply to everyone” and the commonality, transparency and stability as a leaving credential the HSC provides in education. The HSC is recognised in this country and globally and acts as a passport to the next stage of a student’s learning and life.  This is something we should celebrate.

There are many pressures on the education system to change and transform. Curriculum improvements are continuous and our teaching staff are well used to being consulted, invited to assess and participate in writing syllabi. For the HSC, staff at NGS are on exam committees, assess papers and mark examinations. They bring their judgements to the process as do teachers from across the State. The NSW Educational Standards Authority (NESA) oversees all of this and the work they do is often unseen but of great value. 

To do the NSW HSC and gain the HSC credential is something that many people in our State look to and take pride in. It keeps the bar high and it focuses young people on ideas and concepts that are greater than themselves. The HSC teaches the importance of hard work and it inspires young people to strive for excellence.   

During the COVID shutdown earlier this year, senior students asked on many occasions – ‘Do you think there will be an HSC this year?’ This was the first time I had ever been asked the question. I was confident in my response and as was the case, COVID would not and could not, stop the HSC.  Our society is richer for this.