The Lessons of Team Sport

30 Aug 2017

As winter sports come to an end and finals are won and lost a reflection on the value of sport to our society and to the individuals who play it is relevant. Yes – the season seems very long and at times, the location or time is not the most convenient for families, but there are important reasons to stick to sport and for children and teenagers to engage with it. The health and activity reasons are well known – we live in an era where children spend more time inside looking at screens and physical activity is declining.

But it is those other lessons that make sport so valuable – the confidence, the team work, the practice, the determination, the losses and the wins – all significant in themselves. The number of girls in Australia who are dropping out of sport has again declined in 2017. This article – The Truth about Saturday Morning Netball resonates. Having watched several finals over the weekend and seen the growth over the season of many of our students and the enthusiasm of their parents and supporters, organised sport delivers!

Don’t forget we are one of the few countries in the world that has a tradition of team sport for a wide range of children, we have volunteers who keep these sports running and wide community support. What an amazing experience for our children.