The Life of a Teacher

23 Jan 2019

As staff came back to School today, one senior teacher had a moment when his glasses broke – Day 1 he thought – not a good sign! It reminded me immediately of the article below that I had read at the end of 2018 –‘It’s constant triage – the day in the life of the teacher’. School was finishing for the year and every teacher at NGS had stories of the 2018 year and the things they had managed on a daily basis. Much like the teacher Chedel in the article.

In my final address to the Hill Campus students last year I said:

“The teaching staff give up so much for you each year and I want you to think about this for a minute… – while you might see teachers – when I see your teachers I see subject experts, counsellors, conflict resolvers, behaviour managers, guides, performers, coaches, tour leaders, mentors, learners, managers, thinkers, first aid givers and organisers… to name just a few…”

As we start this school year the staff are already thinking about the many things they will need to be on top of to make the experience for their students a positive one, lend a thought to those people who your child will interact with this year. Consider the many roles teachers play across the school year – during the day, on weekends and in holidays.

As the school year begins for our teachers, most would agree: the positives are many and the role rewarding. For in every interaction – and there are many every day – the connection, the relationship and the joy in contributing to the life of a young person – is something that continues to give meaning and reenergize staff for another year.

PS…And yes- the glasses could be fixed without a hot glue gun from the stationery cupboard!