The top 5 reasons parents choose Newcastle Grammar School for the Primary Years

10 Nov 2021

Parents face an important decision when choosing a school for their child. Enrolments in independent schools have grown at rapid pace in recent years, with more families now considering enrolling their child in the Primary Years. This allows them to not only secure their spot in a school prior to the very competitive Year 7 entry point, which often has long waitlists, but to also reap the benefits of engaging their young child early in a truly holistic education.

At Newcastle Grammar School (NGS), our delivery of an outstanding education that helps prepare young people to craft their own extraordinary futures in a modern world starts on day one of Kindergarten. Our strong tradition of excellence is demonstrated in the top five reasons that parents choose NGS for the Primary Years:


1. Academic Excellence

Newcastle Grammar School students have consistently performed well above Australian averages in NAPLAN results, but academic excellence at NGS extends far beyond test scores. The School establishes a love of learning in the early years as students experience a broad introduction across the curriculum. Primary Years education includes, and extends beyond, the fundamentals of literacy and numeracy. Our inquiry-based approach engages students to be actively involved in their learning by questioning, investigating and building understandings. Teachers promote rich, independent learning across the core subject areas and Music, PDHPE (Physical Development, Health and Physical Education) and Languages (Mandarin) are taught by specialists in their field. Each student is supported to a high level on their learning journey.


2. Outstanding Teachers

Newcastle Grammar School teachers are outstanding. Selected for their professionalism and expertise, they create an unrivalled standard of education for students. As an independent school, NGS handpicks educators who demonstrate passion for both their subject and their students. Continually developed and upskilled, our teachers help foster an enriched School community that makes an impact.


3. Unparalleled Co-curricular Opportunities

An extensive range of co-curricular opportunities give students the freedom and support to embark on their outstanding futures. The myNGS Passport Programme has opportunities for students as young as five to explore amazing opportunities across the arts, sports, environment and community engagement, outdoor adventures, service, leadership and life skills. Students in the Primary Years are encouraged to sample a range of experiences to discover their interests and skills. From coding to concert band, chess to cricket, there is something for everyone.


4. Preparation for a Global Landscape

Our students are adaptable, resilient and confident – prepared for an evolving global landscape and equipped to live a life of influence and purpose. With the values of Respect, Integrity, Service and Excellence as the key pillars, the School actions a range of initiatives to help students consistently ‘RISE’. The Visible Wellbeing™ and Positive Education programmes focus on developing in our students social awareness, self-awareness, self-reflection, wisdom, social justice and relationships. When it comes to being adaptable in a world of constantly evolving technology, students from the earliest years are introduced to innovative STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) opportunities to help them develop real-world skills in problem-solving, communication and collaboration.


5. Strong Community

At Newcastle Grammar School, community extends beyond the relationships inside the classroom. We invite parents to be actively involved in their child’s education and encourage open communication with families who are an integral part of the NGS community. We believe education is a partnership and students thrive when we build positive relationships between home and school. Our 100-year history of providing exceptional education outcomes in the Newcastle region has also helped us build a network of connections in the greater community from which our students benefit. Regular community events such as the Mother’s Day Luncheon, performances and seminars bring families together – they say they love the close connections they build with the School and each other.


“We feel our child has been encouraged, supported and stretched; equipping her to become the best version of herself.”

- Parent Survey 2020


Don’t miss the opportunity to enrol your child in a School that delivers an outstanding holistic education and unparalleled academic and co-curricular opportunities in a strong, safe community. Limited places are still available for Kindergarten to Year 6 and Year 11, in 2023.

We are looking forward to welcoming families back to campus for school tours. Connect with enrolment staff by completing the Request a Tour form at the link below.

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