Year 11 Conference 2019

17 Sep 2019

A positive ripple effect starts with me!

The Year 11 Conference at Newcastle Grammar School is a unique, world-class event that encourages all students to appreciate the value of the Year 12 journey. By celebrating strengths, supporting others and making connections we will all be on our way to flourishing.

This year we hosted 9 speakers who shared their personal and professional stories of challenge, growth mindset, grit, flow, gratitude, resilience, micro moments of positivity, deliberate practice, optimism and mindfulness. The speakers encouraged students to reflect and project forward into their future while sending the message that the Year 12 experience is a microcosm of the wider world and struggle is inevitable but exciting. There was a very strong focus from all speakers on making connections, supporting others and above all celebrating strengths.

The two day team building event featured a session on ‘Influence, Action ad Example’ where students are encouraged to think about how they would step into leadership in Year 12 and work with their peers to be the best they can be. The Epic Race and Battle of the Houses once again showcased the importance of harnessing everyone’s individual strengths in the service of something larger than the individual.

The Conference Dinner is held at The Newcastle Club and we welcomed 10 guests who rotated around the room. Once again, the focus was on a strengths-based approach and making connections with the wider community. 

“It was a genuine privilege to take part in the day and I loved it. I think you are doing such a great job in driving this agenda at the school; it means that the usual suspects are not the only ones valued and that the students engage in processes of self-reflection and affirmation that will last them a lifetime,” Roslyn Smith (Pro Vice Chancellor Research and Innovation, University of Newcastle).

“Thank you so much again for such for having me. It really is a pleasure to spend time with you and your wonderful students. I still can't believe that the four students stood up at the dinner and shared with everyone the leadership they wanted to take on for the next year. After speaking I went back to the table that I was sitting at and the students said, 'I am just so excited for next year after that!',” Felicity Furey (Awarded 2018 Australian Innovative Engineer and Westpac's 100 Women of Influence).

"It was an absolute privilege to meet some wonderful people and speak to these inspired students. I was blown away by what has created and implemented with the Positive Ripple Effect," Dr James Staciwa (owner and operator of Transitions Chiropractic).

At Newcastle Grammar School we have deliberately chosen Positive Education. Our approach places wellbeing firmly at the heart of everything we do. As a Visible Wellbeing partner school, we have adopted a strengths-based approach that extends to all aspects of School life. One annual event that showcases our commitment to Positive Education while also building the skills and mindsets to flourish is the Year 11 Conference – “Me, We…Us.” This two-day event engages students in a range of activities and focuses on the importance of harnessing all 24 character strengths on the journey through Year 12 and beyond.