COVID Update

5 Aug 2021

With the announcement by the NSW Premier today that the Newcastle and Hunter region are going into lockdown as of 5.00pm today, we want to inform you of the plans we’ve put in place to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our community and the continuity of learning.

NGS Online is now live. You can find information and resources about online learning to help you support your children during this time. 

Friday 6th August

To ensure the continuity of outstanding teaching and learning, our staff will work together tomorrow, Friday, 6 August to pivot to online learning. There will be no classes on this day. 

Limited supervision will be provided on both campuses for children of essential workers. K-6 students will be supervised at Park Campus and 7–11 students will be supervised on Hill Campus. We will communicate with Year 12 parents separately. 

Online learning for all students K-12 will commence on Monday, 9 August.


  • Students in K-6 will follow the online timetable in the Primary Online Guide
  • Primary students will use See Saw, Zoom and SchoolBox as well as learning packs. These will available for collection from 1:00pm tomorrow, Friday, 6 August. Information about this process will be provided separately. 
  • OOSH will continue to operate as normal

Contacts for Primary:

Director of Learning and Teaching – Amy Falconer:  
Head of Learning Support – Melinda Tucker:
Student Wellbeing – Belinda Nichols: 


  • Students in Years 7 -12 will follow their normal timetable.
  • Again, we will be using Microsoft Teams and SchoolBox 
  • Staff have worked with students to ensure their devices are setup and they know how to access their online classes
  • This time, we have enabled video. Students are required to blur their background and wear their school or sports uniform in all lessons, including Roll Call
  • Further information and resources are available on our NGS Online portal 

Contacts for Secondary: 

Director of Learning and Teaching – Lisa Peterson:

Director of Studies – Leanne Lynch: Leanne 

Student Wellbeing – Alan Parsons: 

Head of Learning Support – Astrid Lepelaar:

IT Support

If you child is experiencing difficulty accessing online learning on Monday, help is available at either:

Phone: 02 4908 4078


Children of Essential Workers 

Supporting our essential workers is important to us. If you are an essential worker and require care for your child, there will be care available onsite. Years K-6 at Park Campus and Years 7-12 at Hill Campus in the library. 

If your child is attending, please ensure that they are not displaying any symptoms of COVID. Please register your child:


  • Bus services for children of essential workers will operate on Friday, 6 August
  • From Monday 9th August, no bus services will operate

Canteen Services

The canteen will be closed from Friday 6th August. 

Co-Curricular Activities 

All Co-Curricular activities will be cancelled until further notice. 

Please be assured that the health, safety and wellbeing of our students and staff continues to be a priority for us. In a rapidly evolving situation, the Government’s position may change again. I will continue to provide you with information as it comes to hand.

Thank you again for your continued support and understanding as we meet the needs of our students and our wider community.