It feels magical…

12 May 2020

I loved the words of Ella Berckelman, a 17 year-old student in Sydney that was published in the Sydney Morning Herald– “We’ve collectively developed a newfound appreciation for every aspect of school life. It feels magical. We're all buzzing to re-embark on our school journey however this time, with gratitude, compassion and strength filling the atmosphere like it never has before.”

These words from students across the State about returning to school that the Herald published last week give an insight into how students are feeling at present. Gratitude, commitment, perceptive and clever- were the words that come to mind immediately after reading this article. It was delightful to see the values embedded in these thoughts from children and teenagers and the appreciation about going to school they now have.

As we begin our staggered approach back to school – what are your sons and daughters thinking? Many have gained a wider understanding about the value of school and I think this will be a time in their lives that most students will remember. I asked some Year 12 students what it was feeling like returning to school and whether it felt like the first day again? Many had the same resounding answer… coming back to school this time is better than any first day they could remember. 

After emailing some students in Year 9 one boy concluded his email back to me with the line “Can't wait to be back Monday, and finally be in a classroom.” We can’t wait either for these moments as the joy and energy the students bring each day, finally returns to our school. We all wish for a magical feeling!

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