Promoting Creative Thinking Through Art Education

22 Mar 2018

For those of you interested in Art Education, this TED talk may be of interest.

Cindy Meyers Foley is the Executive Assistant Director and Director of Learning and Experience at the Columbus Museum of Art. Speaking to a group of art educators, she asks why there is a disconnect between creativity and art education.

The TED talk opens with some drawings from Kindergarten and moves to the state of Art education today. Our focus on things that we can test and assess in Art she argues, is at odds with learners who should be creative and curious. She challenges art educators to focus on ambiguity, to get students to question and to teach for idea generation. She challenges us to create centres for creativity where children think like artists where ideas and curiosity reign.

We live in a world where measurement is central to the school experience yet we know that creativity is an essential 21st century skill. To teach ambiguity and foster curiosity through art is a gift.