School Funding Debate

6 Aug 2018


A battle has erupted over school funding and this week the Association of Independent Schools NSW took a key step in writing directly to the Prime Minister. The Catholic sector, particularly in Victoria, has repositioned the debate across the nation, pitting sectors against each other. The suggested move away from the SES model that funds Independent schools via a survey based on home postcodes to a model where a household’s mean income based on tax returns will be used to calculate funding. This move will see significant changes in funding to Independent Schools. An equitable funding system that does not disadvantage one sector over another, continues to value the Independent sector, gives parents choice is and is critical to our nation. AHISA (Association of Heads of Independent Schools) and the AIS (Association of Independent Schools NSW) continue to work to ensure School Boards, Principals and Parents have a voice in this debate. Over the coming weeks, I will report any updates as they arise.