Why Coding is a focus at Park Campus

8 Jun 2018

Digital technology forms a large part of a child’s education. Computers, internet, websites, iPads, smart phones, video entertainment and games surround them. As part of STEM, the students at Park Campus are engaged in weekly CODING opportunities. When children are introduced to coding at an early age, they gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of how digital technology works.

Our younger students quickly learn that technology is not ‘magic’, and the driving force behind all technology is the software or computer program underpinning it, all of which is created by code.

The real significance of coding is the use of problem solving skills and processes. These processes include the ability to hypothesise, evaluate, reflect, communicate and collaborate. The focus is on the process as opposed to the product. 

Students are encouraged to anticipate and avoid problems in their code, how to build from small pieces up to a solution and define clear steps to solve a task. They are faced with computational concepts such as sequencing, conditional logic, repetition and algorithmic thinking. They learn greater flexibility and persistence when things don’t work. The creative element of code encourages students to exercise their imaginations and when they are able to create an outcome that works, a sense of achievement is obtained, bolstering their self-confidence. 

We encourage and celebrate the processes of inquiry, being able to self-manage, to think critically and creatively, and to communicate effectively in a range of situations. By developing these core skills in coding, we are ensuring that our students are developing skills that will benefit and equip them for their futures and most importantly, a lifetime.

Dr. Katie Waters (ICT Integrator)