Workforces of the Future

7 May 2019

At the end of Term 1, several of our staff attended a STEM Future Workforce Conference here in the Hunter, that provided insights into what types of employment large and small/medium STEM enterprises are currently planning for. Major changes including our aging population, globalization and digitization were key drivers in this change of work environment as well as significant growth in industrial robots, replacing routine jobs. As middle skill level jobs disappear, it is predicted that 32% of current jobs will have significant change. Our Head of STEM, Mr. Rob Barter said “While new areas will emerge, it remains an important part of education – to prepare students to be both skilled to manage change and take advantage of this.” 

Nicolette Barnard - Head of Human Resources (Siemens) included the following pictogram in her presentation, that helps to describe the changing nature of work and the concept of "Industry 4.0".